Sunday, January 1, 2012

Fall Fun

We had a super fun fall going camping with our own little family and some of our good friends, The Anderson's. We borrowed my Mom's trailer and ate tons of good food. Everything tastes better up the canyon anyway.

 We took our 4 wheeler and went on many good rides

 My hubby and me
 We went on hikes and went fishing

 Is this a camping face or what???? Haha, the kids got so dirty and they loved every minute of it! We can't wait for next year!

I love this picture of my little buddy
 Even Superman gets tired after a busy day of fighting the bad guys

 My kids went up on a warm fall day and got in the ditch. It wasn't quite warm enough to go for a swim and so they had to come home and warm up by drinking hot chocolate and getting in the bubble bath.

 My hubby and I celebrated our 12 year anniversary at the Anniversary Inn. We had the hayloft room and it was so nice to get away and relax for a few days. My sister and her girls kept the kids.
 I was trying to get a picture of the mirror, it was so cool. This is the only picture that I got of me!
 The kids love to ride on the lawn mower with Daddy

 Daycen loves to climb up in our big tree in the back yard
Halloween 2011

I had to dress up for Bunko and decided to wear my old high school cheerleading uniform. It didn't quite fit the way it used to but I got it to work!

 Daycen dressed up as superman for school and they had their party the week before Halloween.

 Shay had CRAZY hair day at her school for drug free week, so we did lots of bows in her hair. She looked so cute!

 We got to go to Daycen's school and watch a Halloween parade, and Brendyn had to wear his superman costume too. It was fun to see all of the costumes, although I thought my two little supermen were the very cutest of all!

 A big superman hug!

We had lots of fun painting our pumpkins (much easier than carving for my little kids)
 Ashlyn's were pink!
 Dayce did green
 My Mom came up to paint with us

 Our porch looked so festive

 Shay got to wear her princess dress and crown to school. We also did glitter on her face.

 Ashlyn and Brendyn looked so cute in their costumes too

 This was at Shay's school parade. She had to stop to hold her baby brother

 We went and trick-or-treated at Grandpa and Grandma Finlinson's house

I love fall.
The cooler weather, the leaves changing, painting pumpkins, Dressing up, I love it all!

Happy 4th birthday Ashlyn!!

It is fun to have the girls' b-days just 3 days a part. Ash also wanted a Princess Barbie cake just like she had last year. She got a new barbie to go in the cake. We just had a small party with our family again.

 Daycen is always willing to help them open their presents
 Lynnie loves horses so we got her a new horse.

 Shay and Grandma Lovell

 Her new princess watering can from Gramma and Papa Donahue

 Grandma made Ash a new dress-up dress

Happy birthday little Lynnie sister! (That is what Daycen called her when she was a baby and it has stuck)
Ash is such a good girl and loves horses, pink, and princesses! She is such a little sweetheart and we are so happy to have her in our family.

Shaylee is 7!

We went camping as a family for Shay's b-day, so we hurried home to throw a party together for her. She wanted a princess cake and it wasn't one of my greatest cakes, but she loved it so that made it all good.

Shay is such a sweet little spirit in our home and she is learning so much. She loves school and is doing great. She is starting to recognize some letters and loves to look for the letter S. She can count to 10 if she is just doing it on her own and doesn't think we are listening.
We had a fun party with two of her favorite people, her Grandmas, Eileen and Pat, and also her Aunt Shenell, and cousin, Shalia came. We had pizza and green salad and ranch.

Shaylee and her Barbie princess cake

 Opening presents with Daycen

 Her cute cleft dolly I got her from tiny wide smiles
 Papa and Gramma Donahue gave her some sidewalk chalk that they had to go outside and draw with right away

 Shalia, Daycen, Shay, and Ash
Daycen helped her blow out her candles
 She was so happy to get a new book
 Her best friend and babysitter, Shaye, got her a bear from SUU where Shaye is going to college. Shaylee thought it was pretty neat. She keeps it on her shelf in her room right by her bed.

It was a fun birthday for our little angel girl. We sure love you, Shaylee!!