Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pioneer Day

To celebrate the 24th of July (the day the Pioneers came to Utah) we took the kids to the Hinckley town rodeo on Friday night. They had fun seeing the animals, but got bored after a while. Shay, Dayce, and Ash tried to get some money off of the money calf, but they didn't get any. They did get a sucker for trying though, which they thought was great!

They played on the rails when they were bored of watching the rodeo

Brendyn was sharing his sucker with his cousin, Maylee

On Saturday morning we went to the Hinckley parade and the kids got tons of candy!!

After the parade, we came back home to our town program and luncheon. We had a fun time celebrating our great state and pioneer heritage.


Lydell took the kids fishing up the canyon, he is such a great dad. They didn't catch anything but made some good memories had fun spending time together!



Walking down the road

Daycen with the worms

I love this pic of my handsome hubby and cute kids



Cranio clinic-July 18th

Every year we have to take Shay to see her cranio facial doctors at Primary Children's Hospital. She has to her see her plastic surgeon, orthodontist, ear-nose-and throat doc, a speech therapist, a social worker, and the cleft nurse. It took what seemed like FOREVER this year........3 1/2 hours to get to see everyone.

We were able to meet some amazing little kids and their parents while we were waiting! These little, special spirits always amaze me!

Shay was really cooperative at first, she even opened her mouth and didn't cry (for the 1st time EVER) when Dr. Yamishiro looked at her, but then she started getting tired and hungry. She got a good report from everyone and gets to wait another year or so until they do the bone graft on her. They will graft bone from her hip and put it in the roof of her mouth and her gum line. It is supposed to be a really hard (and painful) surgery. I'm hoping to put it off for as long as possible since she is so delayed developmentally and won't understand not to put her hands in her mouth. Nor will she understand that we are doing it for her own good.

She is sure a brave little girl and I love her so much. After we finished with all of the appointments, we took her out to the wishing pond and let her throw in some money and play in the water. Then we went and ate at the cafeteria where she got to carry her own tray and choose what she wanted to eat. P.C.M.C has the best food ever in their cafeteria!

Random pictures

We've had some really strong winds lately. After one of the windstorms, Lydell found that this HUGE branch had broke off our big tree out back.

Daycen thought we should just leave it there because it would make a great tree house for him.


Dell fell asleep on the couch one day after milking and when I looked over at him I found that Ashlyn had put her favorite kitty, Saraphina, on top of him. She thought he needed someone to nap with!


We went to a fun scout activity at the park and the kids got to have chocolate ice cream cones. I love their little chocolaty faces!



Ash kinda had a goatee going on

This is Brendyn a different day when he had some chocolate pudding


Daycen came running up so excited because he had made a surprise party for me and his Daddy. He told us it was down in the basement. He had hung his cat from the doorway, put a bunch of candy on top of it, and then he hit it with a long stick and the candy went everywhere like a pinata.
He really makes me laugh, he is a pretty inventive kid, always thinking up something. It was a great surprise party for us!

Our back yard party

We had a few of our cousins over for a water party the other day. We had the little pool, the slip and slide, and the sprinkler under the tramp. We like to put dishsoap on the trampoline and it makes lots of soapy bubbles. We had popcorn and kool aide for a snack.

The kids want to swim everyday in the summer time, so it is a fun way to cool off when it is so hot out.

Dreyden, Trey, Shaylee, Daycen, and Clayson

Dayce got too cold

The slip and slide and pool

My and Ashlyn's feet


Brendyn in his swing 

Ash on the lawn mower

Brendyn got too tired!!

I sure do love these little kiddos!!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fourth of July celebration

We love celebrating the 4th at my Mom's house! My hometown has the best parade ever and the kids have fun getting lots of candy.

A military jet fly over starts the parade and it is so neat to see and hear those big jets coming

Me, my hubby, and baby
We all had the $5 matching shirts from Old Navy this year

After the parade Dell and I stop by 7-11 for our annual slurpee. We always park in front of 7-11 to watch the parade and for some reason we never stop to get a slurpee any other time of the year. I might have to change that because the one I got this year was so good.

We all gather in at my Mom's house and we make Navajo tacos and then we head over to the Delta City Park for more fun and games. They had a couple of bounce houses this year, and they have pony rides and fish ponds and stuff like that.

The kids loved cooling off in the stream at the park

After all of that we go back to Mom's to hang out. We bbq hamburgers that night. Everyone else goes to the Demolition Derby, but we have skipped out on that for the past few years with our kids being so young.
We always head over for the fireworks that night and the kids all really enjoyed that this year.

It is a fun way to celebrate! I'm so thankful to live in the USA and I am so glad to those who fight for our freedoms. We are very blessed to live in America.