Sunday, June 26, 2011

Teeth surgery

Daycen and Ashlyn had to have surgery to get their teeth fixed. They had a ton of cavities, so they put them out and fixed them all at once. To save ourselves a trip, we had them do both surgeries on the same day. It was really hard because our appointments weren't until 2 pm, so they had to fast from midnight the night before. They did have some apple juice that morning before 9am, but they were pretty hungry. Ash was so excited for her surgery, I'm not sure what she thought was going to happen, but she was pretty pumped up about it!
Dayce got to sit and watch Tangled while he waited for his turn after they were done with Ash

They took them into the OR in a wagon

Ash all finished, 5 crowns, a root canal, and several fillings later
We told her we knew she was a princess and that was why she had to have so many crowns!

They were a little grumpy when they first woke up, but after that they did great! We stopped to eat at the cracker barrel on the way home and they each got to choose a prize for being such good little kids!

Even though these surgeries were not serious ones, I was so nervous. You would think with all of the surgeries I've been through with Shaylee, that these would be a breeze, but I'm the mom and I still hate to see my babies have to go through anything. I'm so grateful everything went well!

Fun in the sun

It was a beautiful, breezy day and I decided to take the kids to the sand hills to dig with their little buckets and shovels. I thought the breeze would be perfect, it would make it so it wasn't so hot in the sand. I was wrong!!!! We got there and it was so dang windy. The two littlest kids were crying because the sand was blowing in their eyes. We stayed for about 5 minutes, packed up and went to the canyon instead. It was way less windy up in the mountains and we had lots of fun.

Ash and Brendyn crying because of the sand in their eyes

Shay and Dayce on the top of the sandhill

In Oak City Canyon sitting on a log

Throwing rocks into the creek

Friday, June 17, 2011

It's *FINALLY* summer!!!!

My kids have been begging to swim outside all winter long. I just kept telling them "We have to wait until summer." Well, summer came but it was still too cold outside to swim. They would ask me every day "Mom, is today summer?"

It FINALLY got warm enough the other day to get out the new kiddie pool and the slip and slide. They were so dang excited to have it be summertime!!!

Shay squirting Dad with her new squirter

Dayce got new goggles

My hubby and I chilling on the swing watching our babies have fun! No, I'm not wearing make-up, because lets just face it, It's finally summer!!!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Camping in the front room

For Father's day we got our Daddy a tent. He got it early and we set it up in the front room. It is big and took up the whole front room, but the kids thought it was great. They slept out there for a few nights and Daddy even had a sleepover with them one night. (Well, he only made it through half of the night and then he joined me in our bed because the littlest girl was too wild of a sleeper)

I couldn't help but add this pic of Brendyn dressed up in the dog costume. He looked so cute and wore it forever. He is such a funny little guy! His newest thing is every time someone starts to pray, he yells "AMEN!!!!" at the top of his lungs over and over. It is pretty hard to remain reverent with that going on.

My little monkeys at the Zoo

We were able to go to Hogle Zoo in SLC for a family party. My nephew, DJ, graduated from high school so my mom, 3 brothers, sister, and their families all gathered in to celebrate. It was so much fun to be with everyone. My kids love being with their cousins so much.

Aunt Dee, Ashlyn, Dezi, Shonte', and Uncle Darris




Bracken pulling Uncle Doug in the wagon 

My kids loved the baby elephant

Ash was so excited to ride the zebra on the carousel.
Thanks Uncle Doug for buying them the tickets for the ride!

Daddy, Shay, and Brendyn in the stroller

Daddy and baby


Daycen and Shay looking off of the bridge

Me, Dayce, Shay, and my niece, Kiera

Dell, Tom, Todd, Julie, and Shonte' holding Brendyn

Kiera and Daycen
....this is one of the sweetest pictures ever, but Kiera told me that even as sweet as it looks, Daycen is actually trying to spit on her.

Me and my sister's cute husbands,
Darris and Delly

Doug, Mom, and Dee

Jami, Shonte', Kiera, and Brendyn

Julie and Kassie
 (and Todd and Tom and Mom in the background)

My sis, Jolene, and Shaylee on the train.
In front of them, Ashy!

We had so much fun at the zoo. That night we went to Doug's girlfriend, Steph's house for some yummy food and more visiting. The next day we went to Cherry Hill campground and water park. My camera's memory card was full so I didn't get any pics there. It was so much fun though. Jolene and I took my three oldest kids swimming and they had a blast in the kiddie pool and slide. They also went on the lazy river. Then we headed over to the kid's fashion show and Shay and Ash got to dress up like princesses and Dayce dressed up as a super hero. They had so much fun. Ater that we had a BBQ and more visiting at the camp ground.

I love to spend time with our family!