Monday, March 28, 2011

~*~Pretty Princess~*~

When I went to pick Ashlyn up on Sunday from her church class, she was asleep in the Primary President's arms; So when we got home I asked her why Traci was holding her. (I had wondered if she was crying or something.) She told me "Traci just wanted to hold me because my dress was so gorgeous!" She is such a funny little 3 year-old girlie.

Daddy over-heard Ash telling her horse "Well, maybe next time you should listen to me when I YELL at you."  And I didn't think they ever listened to me....

I sure love these little babies in my life, I am so blessed!

Monday, March 21, 2011

~~~PoPcOrN NiGhT!!!!~~~

Every week on Monday night (sometimes Sunday if Dad has to work on Monday), we have family night. So every week I ask the kids what we should do for family night and almost every week they give me the same answer, "Let's make popcorn!" They are very easy to please! So we set up our popcorn popper and they get so excited to watch it pop!

Sometimes they even get to eat it while they play the computer or watch a movie!

Brendyn sharing with his sisters!

Lynnie and Brendy

This is one of my favorite pictures of my two littlest cuties!
They get along pretty good while Big Sis and Brother are at school. Ash will give Brendyn anything he wants, he just has to whine and point and she gets it for him.

I also love this picture of Brendyn trying to fill his big brother's boots.

He was so mad that they kept falling off!


We had a fun Valentines Day at our house. The kids called it "Valentimes Day".
It was more for the kids this year and because I was having surgery the next day, we didn't get to do our usual Valentine sugar cookies though so we made up for it by doing St. Patrick Day cookies, but I didn't have my camera for that.

The kids woke up and we let them open their gifts from Mom and Dad.
The girls got princess chocolate hearts

They each got a Valentine stamp


The boys got Pooh and Cars chocolates and each kid got a little stuffed dog!


Daycen giving Brendyn a stamp

Ashlyn and her pink puppy

It was a fun day and they were so happy with their little gifts. I love the ages they are at, they are so excited about stuff that is inexpensive! They love any little thing we give them even if it just comes from the dollar store.

They really are the loves of my life! I am so blessed to have these sweethearts in my home. I have the best husband too, and hopefully soon we will have our Valentine celebration too!
Love to all!

Shaylee's new shoes

Shaylee needed new shoes, so I took her with me to pick some out. She LOVES light-up shoes and luckily they had a pair that had the lights. She was so excited that once she tried them on, she wouldn't take them off, (I paid for them while they were still on her feet). She even slept in them that night! She kept saying "Look at my shoes!" Then she wore her beautiful new shoes to church with her pretty dress! Yes, I let her wear them to church, something that before I had kids I swore I would never do, (back when I knew EVERYTHING)!

She is such a funny little girl and I was so happy to be able to provide her with this simple joy. She is really good at finding joy in the simple things in life. It helps us all look for simple things to make us happy!