Monday, November 7, 2011

Our rainbow

One day after a rain storm, Lydell called us from the barn and told us to go look outside at the double rainbow. The kids thought it was so awesome. I'm grateful for the little things like rainbows that we are able to enjoy together.

I think these little ones are my "pot of gold"!

Cranio-facial picnic

Beyond every face is a heart!!

We were able to attend a really special picnic in honor of cranio facial month in September. We had the wrong directions to get there and it took us an hour and a half to find our way there.......but other than that it was really fun to meet some other special kids and their families. These kids have the most amazing spirits that shine through. It is such a blessing to get the chance to be around them.

We brought a picnic lunch and then all of the girls who wanted them got glitter strands put in their hair. The kids had lots of fun playing at the park.

(Thanks to Kate for the pictures since I forgot my camera)

Our family at the top of the hill
Me, Brendyn, Daddy, Ash, Dezi, and Daycen
(not sure where Shaylee was, probably on the swing)

We picked up my niece, Dezi, and she was able to go with us and help with the kids. 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Our Garden

Every year I get so excited as we get our garden in and it starts to produce.

Our front garden

This year we had tomatoes, onions, green beans, cucumbers, green peppers, zucchini, crook neck squash, and pumpkins. Not everything did really well, but most of it did. (And I was able to get stuff from other people on what didn't do very well, like the green beans.)

I bottle most of it and it is great to see our shelves filled with food for the winter. This year I was able to do:
28 quarts of salsa
13 quarts of sweet and sour sauce
12 pints of pizza sauce
28 quarts of peaches
28 quarts of pears
10 quarts of spaghetti sauce
13 quarts of green beans
6 quarts of apple pie filling

I also bottle chicken throughout the year whenever I can get it on sale.

I have some apples ordered so I'm sure we will have more pie filling and lots of applesauce.

It is a lot of work and by the end of the canning season I get really sick of doing it and of the mess it leaves in my kitchen. But it all tastes so good in the following year.

If the shoe fits....

Shay got some new flip-flops from Grandma Marie and she loved them so much that she slept in them that night

Brendyn loves to wear everyone's shoes, here he is in Mommy's sandals

So embarrassed

Helping Daddy

The kids love to go farming with Daddy if they get the chance.We all got to go out and try out the new swather with him.

It was big enough to fit our whole family in there

Town Days!

 I have a ton to catch up on, I've been slacking on my blog!!!

In August every year we celebrate our town's settlement. It is always such a fun time to spend with family and see friends that we only get to see about once a year. The town puts on a pit bbq lunch with roast beef, pork roast, and baked potatoes all cooked in the pit. We also have corn on the cob, tomatoes, cucumbers, rolls, and cupcakes. It is the best meal ever! I know because we have to stand in line for a few hours to even get to eat it, but it is worth it! And it is a good time to mingle with the other town folks.

After lunch, we head over to the park where they have booths and games. This year we had train rides and bounce houses, and the best part is always the live trout catch. The kids get to get into the water and catch a fish with their bare hands! They love it.

Baby B was not a fan of the train ride

My four little cuties on the train

While we were waiting for the trout catch to start, we got a huge rain storm that hit us! We all had to take cover under the pavilion until  it stopped and we were all drenched!!!

Ash was quite brave and got right in to it!

This was her doing a "happy dance" because she caught a fish

Dayce was a little nervous to have the fish swimming all around his feet,  

This little one was all tuckered out after such a fun and exciting day

Ashy proudly showing off her fish