Friday, September 9, 2011

Daycen's first day of kindergarten

I had mixed feelings about sending Daycen to all day kindergarten. But when the teacher who tested him recommended that he go all day, I decided it was probably best for him. He will do things for other people that he won't do for me.

He loved pre-school so I was sure he would do great in kindergarten too. He got an awesome teacher so I was really excited for him!

Our handsome school boy

Waiting with sis at the bus stop

When he got home that first day I asked him what they did at school and the only thing he would tell me is that they got a bathroom break! I think he is learning lots and his writing is really improving! He is a big helper at our house so we miss him while he is at school, but we are glad he is having fun!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Shaylee's first day of first grade

I had been having some very tender feelings about sending Shaylee to school all day. Not because I am one of those good moms who love to have their kids around all of the time. I'm one of the other mom's who love a break from my kids. :)
But, it scared me to not be there to protect her and to take care of her. And even though I know she is in good hands, it was really hard for me to let her go.

One Sunday before school started, we were in church listening to a cute, young lady who had just returned from her mission. She was reading a scripture out of John. It is talking about Jesus passing by a blind man and His disciples asking Him who had sinned this man or his parents that he was born blind.
John 9:3 reads 'Jesus answered, Neither hath this man sinned, nor his parents: but that the works of God should be made manifest in him.'  This scripture really hit me hard and reminded me how blessed I am to have one of those special angels in my home that the works of God are made manifest through.

I've seen many miracles take place through my precious little girl. It also made me realize that she is not just mine, but that she is also His, and that He loves her even more than I do and that He knows what is best for her. I remember one time when I was putting her to bed and we couldn't find her dolly special that she has had since she was a baby and she sleeps with every night and takes to every doctor appointment. I looked all over and couldn't find her so I told Shay we would have to find her the next day. She acted so sad but I didn't know where else to look. I came out to the front room and had the feeling to look under the couch cushion and there she was!  I took her in to Shaylee and she was so happy. I realized then that our Heavenly Father cares about us and even the little things matter to Him!

So with all of these thoughts and feelings I was having, we got up and got Shaylee ready for school. I french braided and curled her hair. She was really excited to go back to school and to ride the bus again. We usually read a scripture story out of our gospel art kit (it has pictures to go along with the scripture stories) and then have a prayer before I take them to the bus. I randomly picked out a picture and it just happened to be the same one in John chapter 9 about the healing of the blind man. It brought tears to my eyes and I think Shaylee thought her Mom was a little crazy with all of her emotions!

She looked so cute and was so excited!

Walking to the bus stop

Waiting for the bus to come

On the bus, ready to go

She had a fun time and everything went really great for her. She seems to be loving first grade and has the best teacher ever! It is tiring for her but she is managing pretty well. She is such a sweet little girl and I hope she has a great year!!!