Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Angel/Cousin's Party

My niece, Ashlee Eileen, wanted to get all of her Finlinson cousins together for her birthday, and have a big cousin's party. She started the greatest, yearly, family tradition.
We lost our angel 6 years ago, but have kept her tradition and memory alive. We love and miss you Angel Ash!

We went to West Valley City this year and stayed at the Holiday Inn Express! It was a blast! I love to be with my family and we have so much fun together! The kids are still asking when we are going back to the cousin's party.

 We rode the Trax and Front runner Train from Salt Lake into Ogden. The kids thought it was great!
Shaylee & Brendyn
Daddy,  Mommy, & Brendyn
Grandma Eileen & Shaylee


Grandpa Neal & Ashlyn
In Ogden, we ate lunch at the old train station.

Later that night, we all gathered for pizza, games, and our angel award. After Ashlee died my oldest brother, Todd, and his wife, Julie, started an angel award where someone gets awarded an angel for doing something that reminds us of Ashlee.
This year the award went from Aaron to Kiera.
Daycen & Kiera
Jami & Brendyn
Kiera, Shaylee, & Dad playing in the arcade

Steph & Ashlyn
Daycen & Kassie
All of the cousins
Daycen, Shaylee, & Ashlyn
Shonte' & Brendyn
My family
Ready for a swim
They had the funnest water park
the big slide

We had a super fun time & can't wait for next year!!!!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Top 10 things I'm grateful for:
  1. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ....I'm so thankful for a loving Heavenly Father who has given me all of my wonderful blessings and for His Son, Jesus Christ, who gave me the greatest gift, the atonement. I hope I can live in a way that others will see Their light in me.
  2. My husband......Lydell is the greatest husband and father I could ask for. He makes me laugh, comforts me when I cry, and is always there for me and the kids. He is a hard worker and provides for our needs. He is a great guy to have by my side!
  3. Shaylee Rose.....Shay is such a strong and special spirit in our home. We watch her struggle to accomplish things that come easily for most others. She has been so strong through all of her trials. She is such a loving girl and loves her baby brother so much. She loves school and the bus and is learning new things all of the time. We are so happy to have her in our home!
  4. Daycen Lydell.....Daycen is such a good helper and hard worker like his Dad. He helps take care of his three siblings and is very responsible. He loves to do new things and is always trying to figure out how stuff works. He loves getting dirty  and anything to do with the outdoors. He is doing so good in pre-school and loves his teacher. He is a good boy and a fun one to have around us!
  5. Ashlyn Eileen....Ash is such a sweet girl who loves to talk, and talk, and talk! She is very smart and knows quite a few of her letters. She loves anything princess and pink. She likes to wear dresses (especially if they're pink!) She is such a joy to be around. We love her so much and are glad to have her in our family.
  6. Brendyn Ray....Brendy boy can light up his mom's whole world with his smile. He is so sweet and smiles easily. He is such a good natured baby and is happy almost all of the time. He has such a sweet spirit and gives great hugs! We are so glad to be blessed with this awesome boy!
  7. Family....I'm so lucky to have such a great extended family on both the Finlinson side and the Lovell side. I love our parents and siblings so much and have a great time with them. My Mom is my best friend and such an awesome Grandma to our kids!
  8. Home....I feel so blessed to live in the great town, state, and nation that I live in! We have so many comforts of life to enjoy, Plenty of food and clean water and so many technologies to make our lives easier. I love my home and the safety it provides for our family.
  9. Friends....I have so many great friends. Some that I've known for most of my life and some that I'm just getting to know better. In our town it feels like we are all friends. I love walking down the street and having everyone wave or say Hello. I love the small town life! I'm glad that my friends accept me for who I am and make me feel good about myself. I want to follow their good examples to me and know they will always be there to help me if I need them!
  10. Church..... last but not least, I'm thankful to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I love the feelings I have when I attend church and the things I learn there. I hope that I can teach my children the gospel so that they can feel the peace and happiness that I feel. I know that the things I've been taught are true, not because someone has told me that they are true, but because of the feelings I have while being taught!
I am so blessed and wanted to share with you my Top Ten Blessings this Thanksgiving Season! I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy Halloween!

We had a great time Trick-or-treating around the O.C. !!

His shirt says " Hand over the candy and no one gets hurt"!

We got way too much candy and the kids are loving it!

I looked through our hand-me-down costumes from Jolene and found four dalmatian costumes so we decided to go as Cruella DeVille & her little dalmatians! I felt as though there were 101 of them, but there were really just four! It was so much fun!

Before we went out, we ate ghost & pumpkin grilled cheese sandwiches (they looked cuter in my mind!), homemade tomato soup, and Halloween jello jigglers with our friends
~ The Sumsions!

Joanne, Jace, Jessika, & their dog, Chip!




 Trick-or-treating is hard work! He fell asleep in the van during all the fun!

My fake eyelashes had "BLING"!

Happy Halloween Everyone!!!