Friday, April 29, 2011

Daddy's big helper

Brendyn love, LOVE, LOVES tractors and loaders.

Lydell brought the loader home today to work on our fence that the neighbor's car went through and Brendyn had to get in and "drive" it!

He thinks he is so big

Here he is making the "tractor noises"!

I love, LoVe, LOVE this little guy! He is such a joy to have in our home! What a sweet little baby.

This is just a random pic I took of one of our flower beds that I thought looked cool with the white tulip growing behind the dog statue!

Happy Easter!!!

We had a super fun Easter this year with my sister and her family staying at our house!!!
Daycen got a rocket!

Brendyn loved the candy!


My sis, Jolene, and bro-in-law, Darris

My four nieces looking for Easter eggs
Shonte', Jami, Kiera, and Dezi

Daddy and the girls

The girls got a new crown and wand


New easter clothes

After seeing what the Bunny brought us, we went down to my Mom's for a yummy lunch of ham, cheesy potatoes, salad, and rolls. My brother, Doug was at Mom's house so we had a fun day with all of them!

The kids got WAY too much candy and are LOVING it! It was a fun day, I love spending time with family! I am so very blessed.

I'm grateful for Our Savior and for the chance to celebrate His Resurrection and life!
He lives!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

EaSteR EgGs

Our cute little town does an egg hunt for all of the kids 0-10 and has eggs filled with treats the Saturday before Easter.

Kiera and Shaylee

Jami and Dayce

Shonte', Ash, and Brendyn

Shaylee went straight for the swing as soon as the horn blew, so Jami got a few eggs for her. She LOVES to swing, that was way more exciting than finding eggs on the ground!

Before we left home, Daycen locked his basket to his belt loop, and left the key at home. I guess he didn't want anyone stealing his basket full of treats!

My brother, Doug, sister, Jolene, and their families were all here this year. After the hunt, we all headed back to my house to color eggs and have our traditional lunch of homemade fried chicken and my Mom's yummiest potato salad!

Dezi-Jolene's youngest

Shonte' and my girls

Kiera and Bracken

Brendyn boy coloring eggs in his high chair.......his egg coloring consisted of him banging the egg on his tray until it cracked.

After lunch we hung out for a while and then headed to the sand hills where the kids roll their decorated eggs down the sand hill. Why do we do that???? I don't really know, but it is TRADITION!!!!!

My weekend projects

I have been following the blog and I love it! This gal has the cutest stuff that she finds at the D.I. or yard sales and then she re-finishes it. She inspired me to try it myself.

My mom found two end tables at a yard sale, $15 for them together. I needed something to fill a corner by my couch so I decided to have her buy them for me and I gave the process a try.



I spray painted it with Krylon Almond spray paint, then glazed it with a black glaze to give it the "antique" look! I had so much fun doing it that I decided to do a chair as well.

I found a regular wood chair at our local Friday second hand store for $10 and primed it, painted it with Krylon Ocean Breeze Blue, then glazed it.

I love it and love the way it brightens up my front porch!!!!!

I'm not very talented or crafty, but this was a simple and fun project for I just have to decide what I want to paint next!!!

P.S. My very sweet, loving, kind, (and a tiny bit boring) husband liked the table better BEFORE I painted it, but luckily he lets me do whatever I want with our home decor! So he might be a little nervous for my next project, I really want to do the kitchen table.

August 8, 2011

I finally finished my other end table today! I decided to paint it a burgandy color and when I started spraying it looked really RED! I think I'm going to like it though. I'm not sure if this will be it's permanant home in this spot or not. I love trying new things and colors out.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

2nd bath is a charm

I left all four kids with Daddy for the first time while I went to Idaho with my Mom and Sister for my uncle's funeral. He did a great job at tending them all and even made cookies with them! He got Brendyn in the bath first and got him out and in his pj's. Then he started working on the other kids. He was dressing someone else and went back into the bathroom to find this.....

Brendyn climbed back in the tub for bath #2 with his pj's on!!!!!

I only came home to one injury, Brendyn got an ouch right in between his eyebrows. The pic doesn't do justice, he was pretty bruised up there.

It was so much fun to spend time with my Mom and Sissy and my big brother Tom met us in Idaho as well. It was great to see some of our relatives and honor a great man!!!

Thanks Delly, for being such a good hubby and Daddy to our babies!