Sunday, March 11, 2012

My "early" Easter wreath

I saw this cute wreath on Pinterest and I knew that I just had to make one. We have TONS of plastic Easter eggs and this was a great way to use them.

1. First off you cut out some cardboard from a box. I used a big dinner plate for the outside and a small dessert plate for the inner circle.

Here is our million (slight exaggeration) plastic eggs from our town Easter egg hunt and family members who have left us their kids' eggs.

2. Just start hot gluing the eggs around and then do a top layer of eggs.

 3. Then you add the Easter grass with hot glue and a ribbon in the middle. I had to trim the grass a little with some scissors.

It turned out so cute and I'm so excited to hang it outside for Easter.
I love it and it was super cheap and easy to make.

But until it is Easter time,  I will put my St.Patrick's Day sign back up!

And when you are done with the project, your little boy can climb into the box that you cut the cardboard circle for the wreath out of. He thought it was pretty cool that he was in the box!!

Here is the link to the project:


  1. CUTE!!! Darn, now I'm wishing I didn't give all my eggs away! Guess I'll have to make one for next year. Daycen, that box is stylin'!

  2. Love that wreath! So cute! You are so crafty!