Monday, March 5, 2012

Shaylee's field trip and 1st lost tooth

Hooray, I FINALLY have my computer back. It has had two viruses that are hopefully fixed. Now I have a ton to catch up on with the blog!

I was able to go with Shay and her class on their 1st grade field trip last fall. Our first stop was at a corn maze and the kids had so much fun trying to find their way through.

She kinda has a nail biting problem. haha

The kids got to do leaf pictures while they were waiting for the other classes to get done in the corn maze.

My sister in law also came on the fieldtrip with us and her little girl is in Shay's class. I thought this was such a cute picture of Raeshel and Maggie.

Back on the bus we were taking pictures with my phone.

The last stop was at a park and the kids got to plant seeds and listen to a story and play some games. Shay's favorite part was swinging. Then we ate lunch and the kids made cute leaf necklaces with their leaf rubbings they had done earlier. It was so much fun and I was glad I got to go spend some time with my sweet girl.


Shay's two bottom teeth had been loose for quite a while and one day when she came home from school, one of them was gone. No one even knew that she had lost it at school.
She was sure proud when I made a big deal about it and even though she didn't have the tooth, the tooth fairy still came and brought her a gold dollar that night. She has lost two other teeth since then. It is fun (and a little sad) to see her growing up so fast.

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